OVSA April Meeting Update

Hello all,

I hope everyone is staying positive through this tough time. I want to let everyone know I am canceling the April meeting . Since gatherings are prohibited at this time by state and local directives I decided this is our only option. If anyone would like to talk about this or anything else regarding the club feel free to call or email me. 585 519 3428.

As for the rest of our business we do have some tasks on our plate. Our older 160 groomer needs some frame repair before further use. Without knowing the future of the economy we will of course be a little frugal. We will come up with a plan for the 160 in the next few months. I want the whole club to be aware of what we do and I will try my best to keep everyone informed.

Another topic that was brought up to me is the trail between East Rd and Broughton Rd. This trail has some flushing valves along the west side of the trail. The department of water contacted me wondering what we did and if we knew about it. Steve and I went there on March 20th to inspect the issue and it does look like something has happened to them. They are poorly marked and not sure why all of a sudden it’s an issue but it’s something we will address as needed. If anyone hears or knows anything about this please let me know.

Jim Day has our September 12th Raffle tickets which we usually hand out at our April meeting. Since this won’t be possible please give Jim a call and he will mail however many you want. His number is 585 259 2438. We are starting at a disadvantage so let’s please do all we can to make this as successful and fun as every other year.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone when it’s safe and I’m sure we will have lots to talk about. Take care everyone.

Chance Vogt


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