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Trail Report

1/25/15 430 AM

Trails are Open, The trails that we have been able to groom so far are in pretty good shape. S40 and S44A I rode yesterday afternoon and were pretty nice. C4E from Blackhouse Rd. to C4 and the trail to Hidden Valley were rough. We groomed them late last night and early this morning. They may still be a little rough but we did what we could. The trail into Hidden Valley is very icy. Please be careful. C4E from Blackhouse Rd. to Genesee Co. Park should be decent. As should S30 from C4E to Minor Rd. The Rest of our trails are open, but the big fields are pretty bare and rough. About 2″ of snow fell while we were grooming, which helped. But we could use about 6 more to get the trails smooth.

Folsumdale is having a dice run today 11-3 registration at Byrncliff and also a vintage sled ralley.

1/20/15 800 AM

Trails are Open, We didn’t lose much snow yesterday, maybe even gained a little. The trails are pretty rough in some spots. I don’t think that we will be doing much grooming until more snow comes. As long as we don’t get another thaw I will probably keep the trails open so that what does come can get packed down instead to blown away.

We put a pallet bridge in the large wet crossing along Blackhouse Rd. on C4E. Some people were having trouble with the ice ridge that had built up on the sides.

1/16/15 630 PM

Trails are Open, We really didn’t get any new snow this week. I would still only recommend riding between Warsaw, Attica, and Varysburg. We are going to do some grooming in this area tonight and early tomorrow. Hopefully the thaw on Sunday will go through quickly.

1/11/15 930 AM

Trails are Open, We did some grooming yesterday in the North West part of our area listed in yesterdays report. That is still the only area that I would recommend riding in. Most of the rest of our area may be ridable but there is a lot of bare ground and the fields are rough with out any base on them.

Trail to Hidden Valley off S40. A few inches of packed snow.

S40 to Eck Rd. Lots of snow. Had trouble getting thru in a few spots.

S44a. Lots of snow on most of it. 6″ just outside of Attica. 2′ up on top of the hill along Werner Rd. Some spots almost buried the groomer.

C4E and S30 from Warsaw to Minor Rd. Also should have decent snow coverage. We wil try to run the groomer over them to day and get them packed.

1/10/15 930 AM

Trails are Open, The best snow is between Weithersfield, Attica, Varysburg, and thins out as you get toward Pavilion. The big open areas in the south and east part of our region didn’t hold the snow well. The tighter trails have good snow on them, but the open fields are pretty blown off. Please ride carefully. The ground is froze up pretty good and and the ruts and bumps are not going to be very forgiving.

There is one section of C3 near School Rd. that is still closed due to standing corn.

Going in and out of Hidden Valley the trail used to be divided. It is now a 2 Lane. Becareful the hill gets icey very fast.

C4E has been rerouted. Please follow the new trail.

1/9/15 – 245pm

Trails are CLOSED,Little snow this morning with a lot of wind. Waiting for the band to swing back to the north and hopefully park on us for the night.

1/7/15 – 1030pm

Trails are CLOSED, Mother Nature hasn’t been kind. Most of or area recieved about 5″ of snow last night. But the 30mph winds took it off the fields, making them unridable. Colden, Holland, and Folsum are open.

12/17/14 – 715AM

Trails are CLOSED,