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Trail Report

3/30/14 – 10PM

Trails are CLOSED, I hope the people who were able to ride today had fun. My girls and I did. Late this afternoon the trails started going away pretty fast. I don’t think that it would be good to try and get in one more day. So our trails are now closed for the year.


Trails are Open, S40 from Ranchers Choice to Ecke Rd is closed at the request of a major land owner. The trail to Dimartinos is closed since it is currently mostly under water. There are baracades up at the enterances to Letchworth.


Trails are Open,Better ride today if you haven’t put your sled away. Please be careful. there is a lot of snow, but no base.


Trails are CLOSED,


Trails are Open,We have been getting some of the trails groomed. Last night two groomers worked around the Bliss area and I took a third one from the groomer barn (rt. 78 near Hermitage) to The Hidden Valley and back. There seems to be pretty good snow on the west side of the valley, though the bigger fields are thin. There is also some wet spots around. There east side is ridable, but hasn’t had any grooming since it is mostly large fields. It is already getting warm out so I will see if we can get through today. It is supposed to cool back down again tomorrow night. Hopefully there will still be enough snow and we can keep going.


Trails are Open,Please ride especially careful until the wind settles down. Watchout at the road crossings, you and the cars may have trouble seeing each other. Also with the snow moving in so fast the wet areas did not freeze back up. So there may be a lot of water still in places.


Trails are CLOSED,


Trails are Open,South of 20A and West of 19, S40 from Ranchers Choice to Ecke Rd. Is now closed. I went through there last night and the fields are all very thin even in and around the woods. The trail to Hidden Valley and most of the trails around Bliss have been groomed and are in good shape. Hopefully this warm up will go by quickly and not take way to much snow. We will see how long we can stay open, but tomorrow may do us in again-.


Trails are Open,South of 20A and West of 19, Plus S40 between Ranchers Chooice and Ecke Rd. About an inche of snow fell last night. Please ride carefully. Some trails are still rough from the condition they were in before the thaw. We will try and get them groomed. There may be trees in the trail and the fields that were bare are still really rough.


Trails are CLOSED, The storm over the weekend only brought us about 2″ of fresh snow. Although it did not blow off yet, it is still not enough to for us to open.


Trails are CLOSED, The cold weather came back, but the snow has not, yet. Some of the area almost had enough fresh now to open back up. But then we had 40 mph winds all night. Unfortunatley the fields are to bare to be riding on. I have seen some tracks out on the trails. Remember that if the trails are closed you are trespassing and are jeopardizing the trails.


Trails are CLOSED, I’ve recieved reports that the mud is showing through out in the fields. With how warm and bright it is out today the snow is going away faster than I thought. To try and preserve the base that we have and not damage property, trails are now closed. Please continue to respect these decisions and also our landowners.


Trails are Open,Mother nature gave us about 4″ of snow yesterday, just in time to take it back away from us. The wind also blew through with the the snow making most of the trails pretty rough. Some of the groomers were out last night, but they would have only been able to get over a small part of our trails. With the warm weather coming in today we will stay open. It is to warm now to groom, so the trails are going to be rough until it cools back down this weekend. Hopefully there will still be enough snow to groom then.


Trails are Open,The trails are in pretty good shape. Most trails were groomed 1-2 times this week. And we had a little fresh snow lastnight. Three of the four groomers are running again. The fourth one should be back up today. With the warm up coming again, we will continue grooming where needed. Ride safe and enjoy it while we can…


Trails are Open, We recieved another 3-4″ of snow yesterday. The trails may be a little rough the first half of the week. We had two groomers go down over the weekend and will hopefully have them back by mid week. The trails between Bliss and Perry should be good. The big fields do have a little snow still on them but they can be pretty rough…


Trails are Open, It looks like we will have atleast one pass over all of our trails with the groomers by tomorrow morning. We recieved 12-14 inches of snow from the last storm. It looked like most of it was staying pretty well even in the big fields with the high winds that we had last night. Be careful and have fun!


Trails are Open, Theres finally enough snow to start riding again. Be careful there may be trees and debris on the the trails in the woods, and the drifts are hard. We are still waiting for another few inches of snow before we get the groomers out. This will hopefully happen tonight. Have fun and ride SAFE!


Trails are CLOSED, We recieved 3-4 inches of snow lastnight. It’s not quite enough to open yet. Hopefully by tonight we will have enough. I will update the site again later when I get more reports. Please continue to respect these decisions and also our landowners.


Trails are CLOSED, This is one of the times when having so much of our trail system being made up of large open fields hurts. The wind has cleaned the 2 plus inches of snow that we recieved yesterday mostly off the fields. The corn fields and plowed fields are terribly rough and the hay fields didn’t hold enough snow to protect the crop. If you want to ride Folsom and the clubs to their west are open. Check their web sites for more up to date info.


Trails are CLOSED, Mother nature is still teasting us. We have about 3″ of snow across our area. It is not quite enough to start riding yet. Please keep staying off the trails until they are open. If the trails are closed and you are caught riding. An upset landowner could have you prosecuted for trespassing. It is our privilege to be on other peoples property when conditions are good enough for riding or to maintain the trails. Not to be tearing up their property when conditions are poor.


Trails are CLOSED, PLEASE respect our decision to keep our trails closed as we wait for the snow to build back to the point where we can open. I would hate to have to deal with the problem that Folsom Trailblazers are having. Please check out their site


Trails are CLOSED, Mother nature was unkind to us. Over most of our area we recieved hardly any snow and lots of wind. Any snow that we did have either got blown off or has now turner to ice. The forcast is not very favorable for the next week.


Trails are CLOSED, The trails were getting thin this afternoon, and we have now had rain off and on for a few hours. Hopefully the wind will blow thru before the snow comes tomorrow and we can get it packed down.


Trails are Open, The groomers are running out of the Bliss and Dale barns. The big fields to the north and east of Perry are thin and rough. If the groomer runs from Perry it might only be toward Silver Springs. The full length of S40 did get opened back up today. Hopefully we will get it and the trail to The Lodge groomed tonight. From 19 to the west there should be good riding.


Trails are Open, We have about 6-10 of snow across the area. The snow has been fluffy, so the big fields may be thin. We will start grooming tonight. S40 is temporarily closed from Ranchers Choice to Eck Rd. We had a landowner issue and should have it rerouted in a day or two. There is also a new trail into the village of Warsaw. It runs from S30 to Dimartinos Ristorante. There is still some standing corn in the area. So please be respectfull and detoure around it.


Trails are closed, It is with great regreet that I make this posting. With all the rain and warm weather we are closing until it cools back down.


Trails are OPEN, except for C3 from junctions 29 to 37 due to standing corn in fields. Please do not ride through fields with corn still standing as we could lose the privaleges of riding on that specific land. C4 is also closed between junctions 45 and 4. This is Folsoms trail but you will need to use S40 to Ranchers Choice then take the trail to Hidden Valley. Three of the four groomers are out running. We are trying to get all the trails packed and smoothed. Hopefully all the trails will be gone over once by tomorrow night. There is great snow coverage across the area. Be careful out on the trails and ride smart as this is just the beginning of the season.

The new Oatka Valley Snowmobile Association Trail Work Logs are available. Please email Secretary Hillary Murray for copies of them if you missed the meeting at

As always, we are looking for more groomer operators. If you have volunteered in the past, please do so again. If you have never operated a groomer but feel you can do it, give me a shout. If interested in helping out with trail work or running a groomer, contact Steve Cox @ 585-261-6318

ATVs are not allowed on trails maintained by Oatka Valley unless you have specific permission from the landowner to be there.

Letchworth State Park now has it’s Trailside Lodge open. Their hours depending on how busy they are will be from 10-4 or 11-3. They will be serving hot chocolate, coffee, pop, snacks, nachos, burgers, french fries and hot dogs. They will be open Saturdays and Sunday. This is a big plus for all winter sports lovers and we would like to thank the Park management for making this happen.