Trail Conditions

Special Notice from Noble Windpower

The winter season raises special safety considerations at operational windparks. Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, hunting and snowshoeing are just a few winter activities. When partaking in any of these winter sports, be careful not to get too close to the wind turbines and overhead electrical lines, as snow and ice can accumulate and present potential hazards. Stay on designated trails, and when stopping to admire the view, please be sure to enjoy the scenic beauty from a safe distance. Also, please instruct any guests or visitors to the area to do the same.

No park and ride at Walmart.

Trail Report

2/24/21 1:00pm

Effective immediately, our trails and Letchworth State Park trails are CLOSED. We have had frozen ground and snow cover since 1/19 and have caused very little damage to the ground and crops under our trails. The forecast doesn’t look good and I received a request from a large landowner and avid snowmobiler to close the trails before his crops and ground became damaged.

S30 on the west side of Warsaw is usable to get in to get gas.  It can be wet and muddy. Please stay between the stakes or don’t go into Warsaw.

2/2/21 1030am

Trails are open

Letchworth has enough snow now and is open for snowmobiles. 

The groomers have been running every day working in the little bit of fresh snow we have received and trying to get the rough spots flattened out. 

It looks like we are going to get a slight thaw Thursday and Friday. Please try to avoid riding these days when it’s above freezing. If you like the trails in good shape this will help us keep them that way. 

There is a lot of talk about blind hills and corners. Remember it is your responsibility to ride in control to what the conditions warrant. Whether it’s weather, trail conditions, or line of sight. When the trails are smooth it’s fun to rip along. 

Please ride safe and stay between the stakes.


2/2/21 9:30am

Letchworth Park Trails are now OPEN for sledding

1/30/21 12am

Trails are open.

Trails should be in great shape for the weekend. The groomers have been out all week working in the little shots of snow mother nature has been giving us this week.

Letchworth is still closed, and the snow gets thin over that way.

Please watch your speed and ride safe.


1/23/21 2 pm

Fields and woods are in pretty good shape. The rr bed is thin from Hardies east.

S30 into Warsaw is open from C4e into town.

Letchworth is closed.



Trails are open as of 9 am. The best snow is south of 20a. Letchworth is closed. Please ride carefully.

S30 from C4e into Warsaw is closed. The flat is pretty wet still. 

Fields are thin around Silver Springs and Gainesville.


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