Trail Conditions

Special Notice from Noble Windpower

The winter season raises special safety considerations at operational windparks. Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, hunting and snowshoeing are just a few winter activities.

When partaking in any of these winter sports, be careful not to get too close to the wind turbines and overhead electrical lines, as snow and ice can accumulate and present potential hazards. Stay on designated trails, and when stopping to admire the view, please be sure to enjoy the scenic beauty from a safe distance. Also, please instruct any guests or visitors to the area to do the same.

No park and ride at Walmart.

Trail Report


Trails are closed.


Trails are open, west of Rt 19. East of 19 still has very little snow.  Please ride carefully they will be rough and probably trees down. Please let me know if you come across downed trees.  585-261-6318 


Trails are closed. 3/4 of our area doesn’t have enough to open yet. Lake effect hasn’t been going far enough south.


Trails are closed. The wind took the snow away.


Trails are closed.  If you need to play, stay on your own property or property that you have direct permission to be on. Other than that you are trespassing and jeopardizing our trail system.

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