Trail Conditions

Special Notice from Noble Windpower

The winter season raises special safety considerations at operational windparks. Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, hunting and snowshoeing are just a few winter activities. When partaking in any of these winter sports, be careful not to get too close to the wind turbines and overhead electrical lines, as snow and ice can accumulate and present potential hazards. Stay on designated trails, and when stopping to admire the view, please be sure to enjoy the scenic beauty from a safe distance. Also, please instruct any guests or visitors to the area to do the same.

Trail Report

S40 has a slight detour. You need to follow Orangeville Center Rd. For about a quarter of a mile. We lost a bridge. 

S30 is closed between Arrow Mart (Rt 19 in Warsaw) and Munger’s Mill Rd. 

Creekside Convenience, formerly Ejs is still providing food and gas in Hermitage.

1/20/2018 12:00AM

Trails are CLOSED until further notice. 

1/19/2018 2:00PM

Trails are OPEN.  Due to the warm up we will be closing our trails to night at midnight.

1/18/2018 1:00PM

Trails are OPEN.  Letchworth park will be closing for sleds at midnight tonight. 

1/14/2018 9:00AM

Trails are OPEN.  There is still some large wet spots and may be a few tough stream crossing. Please ride cautiously. 

1/13/2018 6:45PM

Trails are CLOSED.   All clubs in Wyoming County stayed closed today.  There was a lot of rain yesterday and the streams are still swollen. The wet holes are also still very large.  The groomers are out packing to help get the trails frozen back up.  We will evaluate conditions in the morning. 

1/10/2018 7:00AM

All trails are CLOSED until further notice. 

1/9/2018 4:00PM

Trails east of rt 19 are CLOSED. 

Trails west of rt 19 will remain OPEN through tonight. 

1/8/2018 7:15 PM

Trails are OPEN. Its been a good run, but we will be closing Wednesday at 7AM. 

12/29/2017 9:30 PM

Trails are OPEN.  We’ve groomed about 75 percent of our trail. Most of the bugs are out of the groomers and they are moving along pretty good now. The cold weather is helping the trails harden up nice. Please stay between the stakes. They are generally 20′ apart. Sleds are about 4′ wide so there is plenty of room. But it’s amazing that there is still tracks out side them. 

12/26/2017 10:00Am

Trails are OPEN.  Please ride careful the fall harvest was hard on the fields there will be a lot of rough and wet spots. 

12/20/2017 1:30 PM

Trails are CLOSED until further notice. 

12/7/2017 11:30 PM

Trails are CLOSED.  They do not open in western NY until 12/20. Please stay off them.

Remember that even if there is enough snow in the fields our trails don’t open until December 20th at the end of deer hunting season.

Our Pavilion trail needs some help with marking. If you can spare a couple of hours please call Tim Rosenberg 585-297-5775 and coordinate with him. Any section not marked will have to be listed as closed until it is taken care of.
Thanks for your help. Pres. Jeff f.

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