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Trail Report

1/25/16 945 pm

Trails are CLOSED.

1/23/16 930 am

Trails are Open. This is a limited opening. We haven’t had any new snow. So I have no changes. Any riding is still from Bliss to the South West.


Trails are Open. This is a limited opening. Please stay South of Weithersfield Rd. And West of Rt. 19. There is decent snow in this area. The rest of our trail system didn’t get as much snow today and had lots of wind again. We probably won’t start grooming for a few more days. Please ride carefully the crews are just starting to get out and check the trails. I have heard of some trees being on the trails.

1/14/16 1030 pm

Trails are CLOSED. We didn’t quite get enough snow this morning to make it worth opening for one night. Last night the fields were still bare after all the wind. With the warm up coming tonight it sounded like to clubs that are open in WNY will be closing. Hopefully we won’t lose much of what is here.

1/11/16 830 pm

Trails are CLOSED. Typical early season weather. Some snow, lots of wind. Our neighboring clubs are also reporting the same. Please stay off the trails for now.

1/2/16 100 pm

Trails are CLOSED. The wind did blow most of the snow off, even the smaller fields.  We will have to wait for more snow and the ground to freeze up.

1/1/16 620 pm

Trails are CLOSED.  There is 4-6″ across our area.  There was a lot of wind with it this afternoon.  I will look around in the morning to see how much stuck on the big fields.  The ground isn’t frozen either so one pass will create mud.  Please respect the decision to stay closed for now.  I know that everyone is eager to get out and ride but we don’t need the problems they had up north a few weeks ago.


Trails are CLOSED. The earliest they can open is December 23.  Please be respectful of this.









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