Trail Conditions

Special Notice from Noble Windpower

The winter season raises special safety considerations at operational windparks. Snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, hunting and snowshoeing are just a few winter activities. When partaking in any of these winter sports, be careful not to get too close to the wind turbines and overhead electrical lines, as snow and ice can accumulate and present potential hazards. Stay on designated trails, and when stopping to admire the view, please be sure to enjoy the scenic beauty from a safe distance. Also, please instruct any guests or visitors to the area to do the same.

No park and ride at Walmart.

S30 into Warsaw is open.  It can be wet and muddy. Please stay between the stakes or don’t go into Warsaw. 

Trail Report

2/2/19 11:00 PM

As of 6 AM Sunday 2/3/19 trails will be CLOSED. Please respect this decision in stay off the trails until further notice .

2/1/19 12:15 PM

Trails are OPEN. .

The trail at Letchworth is open today. Trails around the park are pretty bare though.
The number is 585-493-3660

2/1/19 1:00 AM

Trails are OPEN.  Our best snow is between warsaw, North Java, and Attica. Perry to Bliss has not received hardly any snow this week.  There is some base on most of the fields where the trail runs, but the fields are getting pretty bare with all the wind.  The forcast doesn’t look good. I think we can stay open to through Saturday but will have to see about Sunday.  Ride safe .

1/25/19 5:00 PM

Trails are OPEN.  From Wheithersfield north we received a decent amount of snow today. I think the band has moved south now so they getting it more towards bliss now.  Lots of water and it is blowing pretty good. The groomers are heading out .Please ride carefully .

1/23/19 2:45 AM

TRAILS are CLOSED until further notice.

1/21/19 3:45 PM

Letchworth state park is open and groomed.

1/20/2019 11:15PM

Trails are OPEN.  It was a pretty good day.  All 5 groomers ran for most of the day.  I think we covered about  60% of our trails.  The New Holland made it through all the trails I want to use it on with no problems.  Fields will be rough until we get more snow and can get over them a few more times. 

1/20/2019 5:00AM

Trails are OPEN .  Please ride with caution .  The fields will be rough and the groomers are out .

12/25/2018 8:15 PM

Trails are CLOSED until further notice.


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