December 2013 Newsletter

OVSA December 1, 2013 Meeting

Secretary Hillary read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved.

Treasurer Gail pointed out that we need to be fiscally conservative through this winter because of the lower funding being received from NYS Parks and Rec. Main costs will be fuel and some groomer repair.

Mike Black updated us on the axle repair for the Tucker groomer which will be completed soon and the mowing that has been done in sections of the RR bed. We have some more volunteers who will be helping to finish this much needed item. Mike also mentioned that we have been approved for funding of a secondary trail completion S40. Thanks to all who have done a lot of work to make this happen for us. A lot of work has been done this fall in many areas of our system for bridge work, trail routing, sign marking and new landowner permissions. Thanks go out to the small army we have dedicated to making our trails the best. New trail maps are out and available for distribution to the various businesses who are frequented by sledders.

It’s always nice to have an early snow to get the excitement level up but we do have to remember that the trails don’t officially open up until December 18th. We need to respect this for landowners and hunters.

We also want to thank Letchworth State Park manager Roland Beck and one of their officers for coming to hand out night riding stickers. You can also stop by their office at the High Banks area to obtain one with proof of insurance and registration of your sled.

We have tickets still available for our February Daily Drawing fundraiser which can certainly help us this winter by providing much needed funds. We have scanned a copy of the ticket for your viewing and included it with this newsletter. This will give all our members an idea of what a ticket is and the many chances to win and of course the prize for each day. Contact Brian Barton 716-491-1847 or Jeff Fitch 716-474-2278 for your ticket(s). They also make a great stocking stuffer gift for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all our members as we look forward to the season.