December 2019 Newsletter

Our December meeting was called to order at 11:08am

Thank you to all who braved a challenging winter drive to get here and to our special guests, 2 officers from Letchworth State Park.

The minutes were read and approved and Jane supplied us with copies of Gail’s treasurer’s report.

The officers from LSP updated us in regards to trail issues, speed limits, grooming and where to park you sled trailers to unload and load.

It is unlikely there will be a trail going out of the Portageville end of the Park in the near future so we will continue to use our trail exit as marked. Vehicles and trailers can continue to park at the Castile sliding area parking lot. If vehicles are going to be left overnight please contact the Park office to alert them and give them your information. Remember if you’re riding after dark please obtain and have a night riding sticker on your sled. Officers handed them out at the meeting but you can still obtain them from the Park at any time.

Frozen park vistas are amazing in winter but please keep vehicles at least 100′ away from walls and ledges for safety.

It’s also important to observe Speed Limits in the Park, they are the same for sleds as they are for cars so watch for the signs. Yes the officers do have radar available for their use.

Brian informed us that we still have 200 tickets to distribute for our annual February Raffle.

Members at the meeting took some more but if you would like some yourself please contact Brian at 716 491 1847. For every 20 tickets you sell you get a free one. The early bird drawing is December 29th. Our raffles are very important to supplement the monies we receive through our sled registrations from NYS Parks and Rec.

Trail coordinator Steve has been busy working on a new route for our Cotton Road trail. Until that is finalized we will use the side of the road to connect both ends of the trail.

We also have a slight change on the Attica 44a trail due to a new home being built on that trail.

Wyoming County Highway Dept. will be installing our new culvert on Oatka Road very soon as marking is underway in all parts of our system.

Steve is checking into a clamp on Soucy traction system for our rubber tracked groomers. These will give operators increased traction in challenging situations. At our January meeting we should have more information about this.

Today is our annual Christmas buffet provided for us by the Silver Lake Sportsmens Club. Thank you to them for a great meal and our members for being here to enjoy it together.

I would like to THANK everyone who has put in so much time for OVSA to be successful year after year. All aspects of running a club are important and I am pleased to be President of such a great organization. Your continued support makes it possible for us to look into the future and attract those young people we need to continue our legacy.

THINK SNOW and join where YOU RIDE. Next meeting Sunday January 5th 11am.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

Chance Vogt, President OVSA

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