December 2021 Newsletter

VP Nate opened our meeting today at 11:05.

The minutes were read and approved from November’s meeting.

The Treasurer’s report was handed out and any questions were answered.

Brian Bartron commented that ticket sales were going well for our February Daily Drawing. He had about 100 additional tickets to go out and a number of members took more. Thank you for your support of our important fundraisers. Also note that all Prizes are In Stock. Let prospective ticket buyers know this.

Steve Cox spoke about the number of new bridges that have been put in. Currently the Evans Rd bridge is being stripped for it’s new white oak decking. He also mentioned that pretty soon work on the groomers will begin to make sure they’re ready for opening day. Nothing major is anticipated at this point just the routine maintenance. Trails are also being marked and opening day is January 2nd according to the new DEC rules.

Make sure to keep track of the hours worked on our trails, the number of individuals and tools involved and date. This is important information we need.

Glenn O’Connor spoke about our future safety course but no date at this time is scheduled.

Tim Rosenberg asked the club members if there is any interest in OVSA holding an antique sled show? We haven’t held one in 3 years and remember our last one was at the Charcoal Corral. If you are interested contact Tim and attend our January meeting to further discuss the possibility of this event next fall.

Jack Rase mentioned the slate of officers we will vote on at the January meeting:

President Chance Vogt
VP Nate Merle
Treasurer Gail Lawson
Secretary Jane Gebel
Club Admin Jeff Fitch

Gail Lawson is looking to retire so we could use someone to step into her role which she would be happy to help them transition into.

27 of our members enjoyed the Christmas buffet put on by the Sportsmens Club which is always one to look forward to. We certainly thank them for their hospitality shown us.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and enjoy this season with your families. Of course we need to also wish for a snowy New Year.

Thanks for all your collective work in making our trails the best.

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