February 2019 Newsletter

Pres. Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:05 and the minutes were read and approved from January’s meeting. We have 380 members as of today.

Treasurer Gail handed out the financial reports and answered any questions. Gail also has non cash charitable contribution forms if needed. The annual NYSSA Conference will once again be held in Niagara Falls this April 26-28. Anyone wanting to attend the Forum please let Gail know so she can make reservations which must be done.

Trail Coordinator Steve says the 160 is running good with it’s new radiator core but still had a fuel issue recently with our severe cold weather. Steve reported that he handled a landowner issue to his satisfaction recently. The new bridge that allows sleds to go to Kwik Fill in Warsaw has been used quite a bit so far.

Our New Holland groomer is working good and some additional traction options for steep hills are being investigated. The newest groomer helps us cut down on some of the really long runs. A motion was made to purchase 2 more chainsaws so that each groomer has it’s own saw. Mike Carlson will take care of this for us.

We will be looking at a slight trail change in the field between Suckerbrook and Bacon Rd. next year as the ownership of the property is changing. There was some excellent discussion on the subject of how young can we have qualified groomer operators. We do have a number of young people that are interested in helping us in that area. We will first check with our insurance people to see what they tell us. NYSSA may have some guidelines as well.

Brian Bartron said we have nearly 900 tickets sold for our February Daily 3 number drawing. Thank you Brian for all your work on this for us and everyone who has sold and purchased tickets.

Jack Rase also has some NYSSA raffle tickets which can be sold up until the NYSSA convention in April.

Let’s hope winter gets back here soon so we can take advantage of our great trails.

Thanks for your support. Pres. Jeff f.

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