January 2015 Newsletter

Our monthly meeting was called to order yesterday at 11:08am and Secretary Hillary read the December minutes and they were approved.
Treasurer Gail reported no new changes and just some small deposits.
Trail Coordinator Steve Cox reported that the Attica trail marking has been finished and thanks to John Amberger for following up on this matter.

The Dick Road trail over in Warsaw has been rerouted due to a bridge closure so now the trail goes from Christ Rd to Blackhouse Rd, then across 20a up to Buck Rd and over to Liberty Rd. Then it connects back to the original trail. Maintenance should be less and this should be a better long term solution for that trail. Steve also mentioned that law enforcement officers will be checking for registrations at roadside locations. Make sure to get your membership in if you haven’t already and get those sleds registered. It helps our sport in NYS and will eliminate any worry of being ticketed which is expensive.

January 25th is Folsomdale’s dice run and Genesee Sno Packers is having their ride the same day.

Brian Bartron mentioned a trail change on the S40 between Orangeville and Boxlers Farm off of Syler Rd. The trail this year will be back to a single two way trail up the hill.

Groomers are in good shape with one hydraulic cylinder on the BR 180 being fixed. They eagerly await some snow to push around.
Brian B. mentioned that we have 800 tickets for our February Daily Drawing turned in so far. We still have a few out there and if you would like one please phone 716-474-2278 for Pres. Jeff f.

Jack Rase also has the NYSSA super raffle tickets for $5 each where we get half of the sales proceeds. These are a low cost ticket and have a lot of great prizes.

Now it’s time for some snow as we work many hours during the year preparing for this season. See you soon hopefully out on the trail…President Jeff f.

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