January 2018 Newsletter

Hello to all our members,

I hope you have been enjoying our trails being open for the past two weeks. I know I’ve had a lot of fun riding around and exploring new areas to ride in. Today was a fun ride to the meeting event as many took advantage of the weather to do so.
Our meeting was a short one so everyone could get back out on the snow and enjoy another beautiful winter day. I hope you stop and take some nice pictures during your rides. Send them to your friends and show them the beautiful winter scenery we are so fortunate to be part of.

A big thank you to our Trail Coordinator Steve Cox and the guys who not only groom but maintain and fix groomers as well. Many members don’t hear about a groomer that has a problem and quits in the field requiring being fixed in extremely cold weather. Or maybe that new alternator, windshield, wiper motor, idler wheel, hydraulic hoses breaking, electrical malfunctions controlling front blades. There are many things to deal with in maintaining the quality of our trails at a top notch level. Thanks guys.

Gail brought more tickets for our annual February Daily Drawing fundraiser. Remember you only have a few more weeks to purchase them in this month. If you would like a ticket or some to sell please give Jeff a call 716-474-2278 or Brian 716-491-1847.

Check out our Facebook page for trail opening and closing information. Thanks to Gary Morrison for updating this page for us.

I hope we have many more days of riding this season. See you on the trail.

Jeff f. President OVSA

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