January 2021 Newsletter

Hello to all members and a special thank you to those that attended yesterday’s meeting as it was a very good one.

December’s meeting minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer Gail handed out her financial report.

President Chance welcomed Todd Hofheins from the Attica area of our trail system. Todd spoke on how they have developed additional help for marking their section so that no one is tasked with a lot of miles. This of course is what we seek to do for all of our areas within the club. Since we are a volunteer based organization we want to spread the work load as fairly as possible so people will want to stay and enjoy our club and sport. Look for members who ride in your area and if they aren’t helping maybe it’s because they haven’t been asked yet. This is a very important point in having our work be done in an enjoyable and timely manner. President Chance will be in charge of the Rock Glen trail so please contact him if you would like to help there.

We are still considering having meetings in different parts of the county but we’ll have to wait until the current health situation is past us.

Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase read our slate of officers and they were voted on positively. All current officers have been affirmed for 2021.

Brian Bartron is heading up our February Daily Raffle and he reported that ticket turn ins have been going well but he still has a few more if anyone would like them. Please call him at 716 491 1847. The early bird drawing was held and ticket #993 was the winner. Remember all ticket stubs and monies need to be turned in to Brian by the end of January.

Steve Cox spoke about working on the new frame for the BR 160 and they’ll soon have that back together. Mike Carlson has been replacing some bands on the Tucker groomer tracks.

Steve also spoke about the new culvert that Daryl Johnston has put in for us in Knitter’s field east of Suckerbrook Rd. Once again we can go straight along the hedgerow and cross over into the next field that leads to the woods and up to Silver Lake Rd. That was very helpful to us and we thank Daryl for it.

Jim Bellamy and Eric Miller have been doing bridge repairs this year as they’ve repaired the one in Pearl Creek by Route 19 and the bridge west of Silver Lake Rd. Thank you for making it safer. I’m sure there are other guys out there that have been doing the same in their areas that I just don’t know about. You are very appreciated and our collective thanks go out to you as well.

As was spoken about earlier in this newsletter it takes many members contributing their time and talents to make a club this big work.

Glenn O’Connor stated that we plan on having a safety course next fall. We anticipate many things will be worked out by then.

Our next meeting will be Sunday February 7th 11am at the Silver Lake Sportsmen’s Club. Let’s look forward to snow arriving.

Thanks for your help and if you have any ideas you would like to contribute please contact me… President – Chance Vogt

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