January 2024 Newsletter

Our first meeting of 2024 was called to order last Sunday by VP Nate at 11:05. The minutes were read and approved from the December meeting.

Treasurer Michelle handed out the reports and any questions were answered.

Brian Bartron mentioned we still have a few tickets available for our February Daily Drawing. If you need any give him a call at 716 491 1847. Also make sure to turn in any ticket stubs and monies for sold tickets as soon as you can.

Nate mentioned we have the new computer in the BR180 so it should be back up and working fine. Chasing down this issue has been time consuming and we thank the guys for their dedication in doing so.

A different set of tracks are also being considered for our newest groomer the Pisten Bully. The higher lugs will make it much more capable. The precise fit will be determined before purchasing.

Our newest trailer frames are now in place make some really nice 16′ wide bridges. We had some snow on the ground at meeting time and we just need some more to get started.

Thanks for all your help and support of OVSA and lets get some snow coming our way.

Our next meeting is Sunday February 4th.

President Chance Vogt OVSA

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