October 2014 Newsletter

President Jeff called the meeting to order and Secretary Hillary read the minutes from our last meeting and they were approved.
Treasurer Gail gave the results of our steak/shrimp raffle which once again was successful due to the efforts of a lot of club members selling tickets and working at the event. Thanks to everyone who participated in some way. We already have the date for next year and it will be held on September 12th at the same place.

Trail work has been going on with some bridge work done already and more to come. Rich McDermott can use some help in the Warsaw area and his number is 585-786-3304. As we get into the season a number of people will call wondering if they can help and where.
Ron Kaczmarek in the Dale area can also use some trail help and his number is 585-786-2865. We will switch to double staking our trails this year instead of just using the single stake in the middle of the trail. This is a mandate from the State so we must follow to be in compliance. We won’t use any more stakes than in the past as we move them a little further apart in the fields. This is a move towards all clubs marking in the same way. There will also be a bridge replacement at the Dick Road location outside of Warsaw. Contact Trail Coordinator Steve Cox if you would like to help with that one.

Our annual safety class is being headed up once again by Glenn and Dennis at RNE Precision in Gainesville on Saturday November 1st 8-4pm. Class size is limited to 40 and please call Dennis at 585-329-9923 to register. Minimum age is 10 years old and if you would like to come by and read a chapter out of the teaching manual stop in. It’s a fun and educational event very necessary to our sport. Dennis also wanted to let club members know that if they need any work on their sled or ATV he gives a discount at RNE Precision to all members.

Discussion on our 2015 Vintage Show has started and Tim and Dennis will be working on getting a date in May from Rick at the Charcoal Corral.

We also spent some time discussing the involvement of more young people in our sport. We have plenty of them that are members and love to ride and we need them to help with our trail work, fundraisers and attending our monthly meetings. If you know of a younger person who likes to sled encourage them to become involved as the future of our club and sport depends on them continuing what OVSA has built over the years. Younger members are a big key to attracting others in their generation. If you are a member of any other organization you know how important it is to train up a new generation to take on the leadership and continue it’s success.

Brian Bartron also reported on our February Daily Drawing tickets which will be out at the November meeting. Brian did a lot of work on this for us last year and we were very successful. Tickets are affordable and there are lots of interesting prizes.

Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase will have a slate of officers to vote on at the November 2nd meeting.

Lets all work together for another exciting sled season, my favorite time of year. See you soon and thanks for your help.
President Jeff f.

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