October 2019 Newsletter

Our October meeting was called to order at 11:07 and we went over Treasurer Gail’s report which has us in good standing to start our season. Constant vigilance over our monetary resources is key to keeping a club of our size alive. Many clubs in the state do not have adequate funding for their needs.

VP Jim gave a review of our very successful steak/shrimp raffle party back in September. The yearly success of this event hinges on a number of factors chief of which is having all of our tickets sold. Thanks to our numerous members who really make it their mission to sell the bulk of them. One thing I noticed when I compared the worker/volunteer list for this year’s dinner and last year’s it was exactly the same. That can be good and also bad in the sense that more members need to come and see how this important fundraiser works and be a part of it. Our next dinner is Saturday September 12th, 2020.

Brian Bartron is moving forward with the planning for our February cash/gun raffle. He will have tickets ready for distribution at our November 3rd meeting. Thanks for heading this up once again Brian.

Trail Coordinator Steve didn’t have a lot to mention about trails but we do have a new culvert pipe in for our Oatka Road crossing and that will be covered up this fall. Steve said there are a couple of other crossings that will get the same. He also spoke about a new gate going up on Dave Otts property.

Saturday November 9th is our annual Safety Course at Dennis Murphy’s RNE business location on Standpipe Road. This is open to all individuals from 10 and up. To register call Dennis at 585-329-9923.

Sergeant of Arms Jack spoke about nominations for the annual slate of officers to be voted on at our November meeting. Since there weren’t any proposals for our offices of Pres, VP or Treasurer we will see what transpires at our November meeting. Currently we don’t have a Secretary and Treasurer Gail has been covering that as well. All positions are important but Secretary and Treasurer are very key. NYS Parks Phase Reports and work logs need to be entered in a timely and accurate fashion for us to receive our share of the sled registration monies. A new cadre of younger members in their 30-40s is really needed to take OVSA into the future.

On a personal note I would like to thank everyone for your kind thoughts/prayer as my kidney transplant was successful at ECMC last week and I’m home recovering now.

Thank you for your support….Pres. Jeff f.

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