October 2021 Newsletter

A fall hello to all OVSA members. We’ve all had a busy summer and now it’s time to get those loose ends and projects we’ve been working on wrapped up as we look forward to another great sledding season.

Trail Coordinator Steve ran our meeting today and started at 11:05. The previous meeting’s minutes were read and approved. Steve said we’ve received our large white oak lumber order for bridge building and repair work.

Steve spoke about trail/bridge work in the Bliss and Attica area and reroutes that will be needed. There is a serious matter in Bliss where the RR bridge crosses over Route 362 going into Bliss.

Steve then gave a review of his recent attendance at the annual NYSSA conference and their new proposals for trail funding. NYS Parks is doing a rework of their system for how we report work/groomer logs. We always need to be on guard to make sure any new proposal doesn’t compromise our ability to keep our trails and equipment at the safest level possible. Our system has been built on fun and safety for the whole family.

Tom and Jane Gebel reported on our very successful September daily drawing raffle.Thank you Tom and Jane for all your work on this project and to our sellers/purchasers of tickets. As with any of our raffles we have some very big sellers and we really appreciate their efforts. Our fundraisers are a vital source of income for us to perform at the level we do.

Brian Bartron spoke about the upcoming February daily drawing raffle and some ideas that he has. Brian plans to have tickets for us by the November meeting.

Volunteers are responsible for the success of many organizations today and OVSA is certainly appreciative of ours. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. Sunday November 7th 11am at the Silver Lake Sportsmens Club.

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