October 2023 Newsletter

This month’s meeting was called to order at 11:00am and the minutes from September’s meeting were read and approved.

Our treasurer’s report was looked over and questions answered.

Fall is the beginning of the seasonal trend into colder weather meaning trail maintenance, sign installation, groomer repair and safety instruction for snowmobiling. We regard safety as an integral part of our fun, family friendly sport. Our safety course will be held this Saturday October 28th 8-4pm at the Warsaw Fire Hall. Sign up is at our website www.oatkavalley.org.

Under new business we were able to find a home for our BR160 groomer. This machine has been a little workhorse for many seasons and we wish the new owners more successful usage.

The Pisten Bully we purchased will strive mightily to fill the tracks of the old 160.

Tim Rosenberg reported our Antique Sled Show held at the Charcoal Corral a few weeks ago a success. We had great weather and a good turnout. We love to see an event like this getting bigger each year.

A big shout out and Thank You to Tom and Jane Gebel for heading up our annual September Raffle. This is a very important fundraiser for OVSA. Thanks to all our members who helped sell and distribute tickets and collect the monies. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in helping OVSA stay strong.

Trail work has already begun and we are happy to welcome new volunteers. Next month we are planning even more trail and groomer work projects so stay tuned and involved.

Thanks for your continued support.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45am

Chance Vogt President OVSA.

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