May 2014 Newsletter

Vice President Jim Day called the meeting to order at 11:07 and Secretary Hillary read the previous month’s minutes and they were approved.

Jim reported the Landowner Picnic was very successful with 155 landowners in attendance. This is obviously not a fundraiser for OVSA but an event to let the landowners know they are appreciated. Thank you to all who donated and helped put this on. We had 17 club members helping and they were all busy.

A number of members attended the NYSSA annual meeting/forum up in Rochester April 25-27. This is a very convenient location for us and as usual we split up to attend the various seminars. NYS Parks and Trails, GPS, Insurance and the proposed new membership online system were well attended by us. There are always changes in the system each year so we go to keep up with them. New junction numbers for trails will be coming, getting rid of blank vouchers for sled registration, new funding forumulas were all topics of discussion. One I found very interesting was the insurance forum and how aggressively they defend landowners and our trails. These annual meetings are full of information that make them worth attending and thanks to our members for taking the time to attend.

Trail Coordinator Steve reported on some changes in the Attica trail system with new personnel and a discussion on keeping our equipment up to date. Thanks go out to the guys who are always working and fixing our wheelers and groomers at the groomer barn. They are an important part in allowing OVSA to have the great system we do. Many pieces have to fit together to make this all work for our club and the many sledders who enjoy our trails.

Jay spoke about our upcoming Antique Sled Show Saturday May 17th. As I write this rain is coming for a good share of the week which means we will be parking everyone in the Drive In portion of the Charcoal Corral and not on the grass where the ground could be rutted up. We appreciate all help in guiding the parking and set up of this event. Thanks to Jay and Tim for the time they put into promoting this event. We should be there around 7am to start bringing people in to their spots.

Treasurer Gail reported that she has the tickets for our annual steak/shrimp raffle which will be held Saturday September 13th at the Perry Firemens Park 12-4pm. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and please give Gail a call for tickets at 585-476-5701 or myself 716-474-2278. Our early bird drawing will be August 3rd so get as many in as you can by then.

Vice President Jim mentioned that Wentworth Motors is having a car show Saturday June 7th from 10-2pm. No cost to enter or attend and there will be free hot dogs for lunch. The event will be held at the dealership which is 139 Franklin Street in Dansville.

Thanks to all who have made this past season a successful one. I had a great time playing in the snow and I hope you did too. Enjoy our summer and dream about a winter with plenty of riding opportunities. President Jeff f.