February 2016

President Jeff F. called the meeting to order at 11:00 and mentioned that we currently have 392 members. Last year out total was 554 so we know there are others out there gauging the snowfall and deciding whether to join or not. Unfortunately we can’t organize and run our club waiting to see what the weather has in store for us. We have to plan way ahead of time and execute everything we can in the fall to get our machinery and trails ready. Thousands of stakes and signs have to go in, bridges repaired and groomers have to have their maintenance. This is a sport where we’re all in for it to work from the state level right down to us. NYS Parks works their trail reimbursement plan off the number of sleds registered the year before. Low registrations this year means low payments next year when we might really need them. We have a good working system in place now so I can’t say I wish for a better one. I just want my snow.

Secretary Sheila read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved.
Trail Coordinator Steve sent a couple of new plastic posts for us to look at and see what we thought. We are also getting pricing for new oak stakes for next season.

Bridge work in a couple of areas was completed by the guys and now we’re waiting to utilize them. Safe trails and bridges are a priority to us for enjoyment of the sport and allowing the many snowmobilers access to our Wyoming County businesses that profit from a good winter’s snowfall. Talk to any of them located on our trails about how well they did last winter. I have and noted their thoughts.

Thanks to all who turned in sold tickets to Brian Bartron who is running our February Daily Raffle. We anticipate another successful fundraiser and good luck to all who have ticket(s). There are always great prizes.

Tim reported that our May 14th Antique Sled show is on target at the Charcoal Corral for any that want to attend, help and sponsor a trophy. Always a good place to hold our event and much to see.

Our annual NYSSA Forum is coming up April 29- May 1st in Lake Placid. Always a great educational event and way to find out what’s happening in our sport. If you would like to go contact President Jeff and let him know so you can be registered ahead of time which is required.

Thanks for your continued support…President Jeff f.

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