April 2018 Newsletter

Pres. Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:08 and read the minutes from last month’s meeting. They were motioned and approved. We now have 439 members.

Treasurer Gail handed out the treasurer’s report and answered any questions.

VP Jim Day brought in the tickets for our annual steak/shrimp raffle to be held this September 8th. The early bird drawing will be held August 5th. If you would like some tickets for yourself and to sell please give Jim a call 585-259-2438.

Tim Rosenberg said we will not be holding our antique sled show this year as he has some health matters to attend to.

Our annual NYSSA Conference will be held April 20-22 in Niagara Falls and a number of members will be attending the workshop/seminars.

Sunday April 15th we will once again hold our Landowner Picnic at the Warsaw Legion in the village park. Set up will begin at 10am and we will serve Mehl’s chicken barbeque from 12-2pm. We appreciate our members help so please bring desserts and door prizes. Thanks to all who help with this event to show our appreciation to our landowners.

Trail Coordinator Steve Cox had a number of items to discuss which we do at the end of the season.

Steve mentioned the tragic fatal accident that happened at Denton Corners Rd. this past March 17th. The sheriff’s investigation ruled it an accident where the sled operator drove through the stop sign into the path of the oncoming vehicle. We encourage all sledders to make sure and be aware of signage and road crossings. This is a sport with it’s own inherent risks so we must always be on guard with safety of paramount importance.

As the discussion shifted to trails Steve said we need more wood stakes which we haven’t purchased in a number of years. A motion was made to purchase 1k sharpened wood stakes. Steve will also look into getting them painted orange on top.

The Tucker is put back together thanks to our guys and the many hours they invested in fixing the damage. A discussion ensued about the arrowhead drag being too difficult for the Tucker to pull and it’s tongue weight too great. This has been leading to the overheating of the rear end. We discussed purchasing another Trail Paver from Larry over in Holland and to use that on the Tucker which would make a better combination. A motion was made to purchase another Trail Paver unit as we constantly seek to upgrade our equipment.

We have had a discussion for awhile concerning a 5th groomer which would allow some of the too long 8 hour grooming runs in the Orangeville area to be cut to more manageable 3-4 hour runs. Another groomer will also help more in the Silver Springs area coming towards Perry. It will also encourage more operators to volunteer for these shorter runs. Glenn O’Connor and Steve Cox have been investigating what they feel to be the best units for our use. A tractor type like our JD is favored and they found a clean used New Holland 6070 with tracks which has been recently serviced for sale. It also has a buddy seat to train operators. Another key would be local service that is available for this brand. We would add a grouser blade and brush guard to customize this for our use. A motion was made to seek the purchase of this unit for our grooming use as we are constantly trying to improve our grooming in all areas of our trail system. If you would like to be part of our grooming team for next season please give Steve a call.

Remember our landowner picnic next Sunday and thank you for your support of OVSA.
Pres. Jeff f.

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