March 2018 Newsletter

President Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:08. Currently we have 435 members.
Jane Gebel read off the minutes from February’s meeting and they were approved. Thanks for taking the minutes Jane.

Treasurer Gail handed out the report and answered any questions. Mike Carlson answered questions in relation to parts for the broken Tucker groomer and how that is coming along. Running groomers across frozen chisel plowed ground is very hard on them. Thanks to the guys working in the background to fix these when they break.

Brian Bartron reported that we had sold 851 daily drawing tickets for our February raffle. Thanks to all our members who bought and sold these to help us. A big thanks to Brian for his work in organizing this event and keeping track of all the details.

Our annual NYSSA Conference is coming up April 20-22 in Niagara Falls. Always good to have in our backyard for easier attendance.

Dennis Murphy represented the club in the annual Pink Ribbon Ride up north. OVSA made a $100 donation which Dennis took with him for this worthwhile cause.

Our annual Landowner Chicken Barbeque Picnic will be held Sunday April 15th at the Warsaw Legion Hall in the village park. We will start setting up at 10am that morning. Donations are appreciated for door prizes for our landowners and any desserts are truly welcome.

The recent heavy snow has been a mixed blessing. A couple of clubs opened up and then closed right away because of the amount of water and mud under the snow since the ground was so wet. We were open a couple of days but then closed because of some water hole situations. Landowners don’t want us driving wide paths around those problem areas. They want us to stay where the trail is marked and so do we for safety purposes. Hopefully we’ll keep this snow and temps will go back down during the week. Next week the prediction is for more snow so maybe the combination will allow us to get a couple groomers out and fill in the holes with snow. This is a bit of wishful speculation as it’s always tough to guess weather. We will see what comes our way and trail coordinator Steve Cox will make the call for us.

Thanks for your support and hopefully we’ll be back on the trails soon. Pres. Jeff f.

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