August 2016

Secretary Sheila read the minutes from last May’s meeting and they were approved.
Treasurer Jeff gave the financial report and answered any questions. As expected there isn’t much financial activity in the months outside of the sledding season.

Bruce and Lynn asked the club for some funds in repairing the Rock Glen bridge that was used many years ago when our trail ran through there. Now that the Grateful Grill is open this can be a destination on the trails for sledders looking for a restaurant in that area. We approved $175 to cover half the cost of materials needed with Bruce and Lynn doing all the work themselves. The restaurant owner will cover the balance. Our mission is to help with tourism and business in Wyoming County so we felt it important to undertake this task. Thanks to Bruce and Lynn for their hard work redoing the bridge.

We also discussed the trail across Merchant Rd. to Arrow Mart in Warsaw. With the closure of Ken Baggs property on Merchant Road a way around will have to be found to prevent the closure of a long connecting trail that many sledders like to use. Trail Coordinator Steve Cox and others are looking at this.

The groomer barn repairs were discussed and approved so we can protect our valuable equipment. Mike Black is heading that project up. We also discussed renting or hiring some high trimming of trees along the RR bed which our trimmer can’t reach. Mike Black is also gathering info on this as this needs to be done to prevent damage to our newest JD groomer cab.

Our safety course is in discussion so a date for the class should be forthcoming in the near future. Thanks to Dennis and Glenn for heading this up each year.

Secretary Sheila said our May Antique Show went off quite well in spite of some rather inclement weather. Thanks to Tim for organizing this and our volunteers who make it successful.

Our largest fundraiser of the year is coming up Saturday September 10th from 12-4pm at the Perry Firemen’s Building in the Perry Park. We will start setting up Friday 1pm and we’ll be at the building again at 8am Saturday. We always appreciate all our volunteers who sell tickets ahead of time and workers who show up to make sure this event goes off smoothly each year. Thanks to all our volunteers who make a big organization like this function for the good of our sport and the local businesses we help. Come out and join us.
Pres. Jeff f.

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