August 2017 Newsletter

Our first meeting of the season was called to order at 7:15pm by President Jeff Fitch.

Secretary Sheila read the minutes from last May’s meeting and they were approved.

Treasurer Gail updated us on our finances with her treasurer’s report.

Steve Cox spoke about trails and the need for some people to help mark our trail from Ryan Rd. up to Genesee County Park. No major bridge repair work was mentioned so just normal trail maintenance should be in order as we head into the season.

Tim and Sheila spoke on the success of the Antique Sled Show we had this past August 6th at the Charcoal Corral. It seems that this time of year might work out better than our previous time in May so thoughts are to keep the event in August for next year. They said we had good help and want to thank everyone who came.

Our upcoming steak raffle was discussed. We will begin setup on Friday September 8th at 1pm. Please come by 10am on Saturday to get everything ready for the event which goes from 12-4pm.

More tickets are still available so please contact Jim Day at 585 259 2438. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year so all help is appreciated.

We are switching back to 11am Sunday meetings so our next one will be Sunday October 1st 11am.

Thanks to everyone for volunteering your time and efforts.
Pres. Jeff f.

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