October 2017 Newsletter

Hello to all members and I hope you are enjoying some beautiful fall weather.

First of all a thank you to VP Jim Day for running the meeting as I was out of town.

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 and Gail read the minutes from the August/September meeting and they were approved.
Gail then gave the treasurer’s report and mentioned there wasn’t much activity as our season hasn’t begun yet.

Jim Day gave a report from our steak/shrimp raffle party and thanked everyone for their participation. Numerous thoughts were floated for some new ideas which we try to incorporate each year.

Glenn mentioned that our yearly safety course will be held Saturday November 4th at RNE Precision on Standpipe Rd. in Perry. It has been advertised in the Wyoming County area and will be done more in October. It can also be found on our website www.oatkavalley.org

We’ve had some members step up to do the marking for the Warsaw trail and improvements on the Seaway Trail have been done too. Thanks to our volunteers for taking this on. Tim Rosenberg could use a hand putting in 3 new culverts. Mike Carlson is getting a quote to fix a roof leak at our groomer barn.

We will be looking for a new Club Secretary when Sheila’s term runs out at the end of November. If anyone would like to help in this capacity please let us know as this is a vital function for the club to secure our annual trail funding.

Brian Bartron will be handing out tickets next meeting for our annual February daily drawing.

Our next meeting will be Sunday November 5th 11am. at the Silverlake Sportsmen’s Club.
See you soon. Pres. Jeff f.

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