August 2022 Newsletter

Another summer is flying by and we’re already starting to prepare for our upcoming sled season. Our last meeting was back in May when we held our Landowner Appreciation chicken barbeque at the Warsaw Legion Building.

We started this meeting reading and approving the minutes from last May taken by Jane Gebel. Thank you Jane for doing this monthly for us.

Gail’s treasurer’s report was handed out and any questions answered.

This was the meeting to hand in the sold tickets for our September raffle. Thank you to all our members who sold and purchased these tickets to help OVSA with this important fundraiser.

Thank you Jane and Tom Gebel for organizing this raffle for us.

An important topic in the sledding community is Snowmobile Safety. We will be working on delivering this important training from our club guided by regulations from NYS.

We will be deciding on a location with our group of volunteers and we will let you know new information as we have it.

We are back holding our Antique Snowmobile Show at the Charcoal Corral on Sunday September 18th rain or shine. This has always been a great show so for lovers of our older machines come on out.

We also discussed groomer maintenance, trail work and some signage to do. Once again we call upon our diligent force of volunteers to take advantage of some beautiful fall weather and get our work in the field done.

Please encourage everyone around here to join OVSA and keep our trails the best anywhere.

Thanks for your help and participation.
Chance Vogt, President OVSA

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