October 2022 Newsletter

We weren’t able to hold our meeting indoors this month so we met at the Perry Park in the northern pavilion. It was chilly but we had a good turn out with plenty to talk about. With a chill in the air and nearly 100 members signed up the season is closing in.

President Chance called the meeting to order at 11:05m

The minutes were read and approved and Treasurer Gail also answered any questions.

This is Gail’s last year so we do need a new Treasurer that she can work with and train. Thank you to the member who steps up to allow us to carry forward into the future.

Tom and Jane Gebel reported that 782 raffle tickets had been sold for our September daily raffle. Thanks to them for once again running a very successful fundraiser for OVSA. Thanks to everyone who sold and purchased the tickets.

Tim Rosenberg reported that the antique sled show went off well at the Charcoal Corral with nice weather and good attendance. Thank you Tim for your work on this event.

Our snowmobile safety course will be held at the Warsaw Fire Department on Saturday October 29th 8-4pm. Please register by calling either of the following numbers 585 519 1573 or 585 704 4637. Must be 10 years old by the date of the class.

Our Trail Coordinator Steve Cox is now President of the Wyoming County Snowmobile Federation. Steve does a lot of work for us and is now helping out our county sledding community. Thank you Steve for doing all this. The Federation like all our organizations is having a difficult time recruiting officers to help.

Steve also spoke about culvert work, trail work done and groomer repairs at the groomer barn. Lots of repairs and maintenance goes on all year round with our machinery. Thank you to all the guys who help in these endeavors.

Make sure and always mark fields with consideration towards the landowner and hunters. Bow season has started and we don’t want to be on land where we’re not wanted until hunting is over.

Our next meeting will be November 6th 11am at the Silver Lake Sportsmens Club.

Take care and see you soon,
Chance Vogt – President, OVSA

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