December 2018 Newsletter

VP Jim Day presided over the meeting due to Pres. Jeff being ill. Thanks for taking over Jim.

Treasurer Gail gave us the financial report and we’re still waiting for the overdue 30% trail fund money from NYS Parks. Last year we received it on October 26th. These monies help to cover costs of getting our season started, bridge and groomer repairs etc.

Park Officer Marczk attended the meeting with trail information and night riding stickers. There will be some work going on in the Park so one side of the road will be plowed making it single lane sled traffic. Make sure and observe this for safety reasons.

Trail Coordinator Steve Cox says we have a couple of bridges that need to be built and Tri County has some beams we can use. Tim Rosenberg can use some help on the Pavilion trail so please contact him at 585 297 5775. Let him also know if you would like to help grooming that trail as well.

Brian Bartron is asking that as many sold tickets be turned in as possible by December 30th as that is our Early Bird drawing. Remember if you sell 20 tickets you get a free ticket yourself. Our successful fundraisers have been very important for our club and have made a huge difference over the years. Thank you to everyone who supports them and works to make them successful.

Mike Black spoke about the NYS Parks trail fund and the amounts they are paying per trail mile. Mike also gave us information on when we should be receiving our 70% money and the overdue 30%. Thanks Mike for your work with the County Federation on our behalf.

Yearly officer elections were held by Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase and the current officers were re-elected for another year.

Thanks to the Silver Lake Sportsmens Club for an excellent buffet which was enjoyed by all.

We wish all our members a very Merry Christmas with your families and our next meeting will be Jan. 6th.

Have a great holiday and see you next year.

Pres. Jeff f.

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