November 2018 Newsletter

President Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:05 and the minutes were read and accepted from last month’s meeting.

Treasurer Gail handed out the treasurer’s report and answered any questions.

Our annual safety course was held this past Saturday at RNE Precision. We had 30 young people take this important informational course on all aspects of our sport. Thanks to Dennis Murphy for the use of his shop and our instructors who spend a full day performing this valuable public service each year.

Brian Bartron handed out tickets for our February Daily Drawing raffle at the meeting. If you would like to purchase and sell some tickets please contact Brian at 716 491 1847. Our two fundraisers are vital for sustaining our club each year so thank you for your support.

Trail Coordinator Steve spoke about a number of issues as it’s that time of year. We’re anxious to get to marking when the timing and conditions are right. He spoke about bridge work on the Silver Springs Rd. and some culvert work. The new wood stakes have been painted at the groomer barn thanks to some volunteers. New trail marking signs from our spring order are in at the groomer barn and available. Make sure any signs used on the trails are in good to excellent condition to survive our windy winters. Also trail marking manuals are available too for anyone who has a question how to properly mark a trail.

Work on the BR 160 radiators will help stem some leaks in that machine. The trail down to Arrow Mart from the west side of the hill is currently closed due to landowner issues and a very swampy area to navigate through. Our trail system should be fully interactive on the NYSSA website starting December 1st. This will make it easier for us to mark open and closed sections and for riders to check and see where they can safely ride.

Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase proposed the slate of officers for election next month be the same as the current ones.

We expect to have an officer from LSP at our December 2nd meeting for Park information and night riding stickers. Remember to bring your current registration and insurance card with you for each sled. We will also have a buffet and the cost is $5/member.

It was very encouraging to see a couple of younger members at our meeting yesterday. Our current group of officers and people doing a lot of the work are getting older (many are in their 60s) and we would love to acquaint our younger member/riders with club functions and what is entailed for carrying on the OVSA Charter into the future. Come out and join us and insure your future of riding. It is a fun sport like no other.

Thanks for your support each season. Pres. Jeff f.

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