February 2017 Newsletter

VP Jim Day called the meeting to order at 7pm and Secretary Sheila read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved.
Treasurer Gail handed out the treasurer’s report and answered questions.

Brian Bartron is to be thanked once again for heading up our annual February daily drawing for the NYS 3 number. Brian’s efforts have ensured another successful event for OVSA and thanks to all who sold and purchased tickets.

VP Jim mentioned that the NYSSA Forum packet was received in the mail. If anyone is planning on going to Lake Placid please contact Treasurer Gail as she is mailing in the reservations and payment.

Trail Coordinator Steve mentioned that the 180 steering situation is fixed and some minor repairs are forthcoming for our John Deere.

He was also contacted by the NYS Troopers about the use of our groomers in the event of an emergency. Secretary Sheila mentioned that we have a plan covered in our minutes last year so we are prepared if we are needed.

We do have some groomer hours logged in the Bliss area but we are sure hoping for more this season.

Tim brought in flyers for our Antique Show this coming May which is always a fun day for club members and public alike.

Thanks to VP Jim for running the meeting and for all our members who support OVSA and our sport through the good and the poor winters. Pres. Jeff f.

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