November 2016 Newsletter

President Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:05 and proceeded to read the minutes from last month’s meeting which were approved.
The treasurer’s report was passed around and any questions were answered. The really good news is that Gail Lawson is coming back to take over treasurer duties and we’ll make it official at our December meeting when we hold our annual elections.

Our upcoming safety course will be held this Saturday November 12th at Dennis Murphy’s new location behind the former Country Market on the edge of Perry on Rte. 39 from 8-4pm.

VP Jay Zintel from Sleds of Stafford came to the meeting to discuss our mutual re-routing of our Pavilion trail due to RR concerns on where we were crossing. Tim Rosenberg has an idea for how we can do this. Thanks to all our members who work on our trails and figure out new places for sled trails to go.

Mike Black updated us on the condition of the groomer barn with the steel trusses fixed and the new door on the end of the building. Mike also stressed the importance of getting our receipts filed with NYS within the 60 day window for acceptance. These are receipts that pertain to our trail work and maintenance. Also groomer and work logs.
We need to have operators for bush hogging the RR bed as only part of it has been completed so far. If you are interested please let us know.

Mike has been working on our behalf for years with NYS to have part of our trail system classified as “high snow” which gives us a higher rate of reimbursement for the increased trail grooming. We now have 62 miles of OVSA trails classified as such. Thanks for working on this for us Mike.

TR Green brought in the tickets for our annual February Daily Drawing. Brian Bartron heads this up for us each year but wasn’t in town this weekend. If you would like some tickets please give Brian a call at 716-491-1847. For every 25 tickets you sell you will receive a free one.

Steve Cox mentioned that we are still figuring a new route for the Arrow Mart trail up on Merchant and Oatka Rd. This is also a vital path for many from Genesee County to get to Letchworth Park. Anyone’s input on how we can achieve these re-routes is welcome.

Another item that we discussed was moving our meeting time to Monday night 7pm. We will continue to use the first Monday of the month and it will be held at the Silverlake Sportsmens Club.
Many people have commented that a night meeting would be easier to attend so we will give it a try.

See you Monday December 5th at 7pm…thanks for your help..President Jeff f.

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