February 2020 Newsletter

This month’s meeting was called to order at 11:08am. President Chance read the minutes from January’s meeting and they were approved.
Treasurer Gail answered any questions on the treasurer’s report which were handed out.

The kickoff to the New Year is in full swing. A number of new ideas were brought up to improve our club along with the possible rotation of our meeting locations to bring in more members from different parts of the county. We will be discussing meeting locations next month if you would like to give us your input.

Currently we have 310 members and although I think that’s a great number I believe we can improve it going forward.
As the new President I want more members to be involved in our many club functions/activities. We’re a family, fun and friendly group of men and women willing to work and it’s always fun to meet new people with like minded interests.

When I started attending OVSA meetings I knew I wanted to be part of this club but I wasn’t sure what to do. I asked how I could help and here I am a couple years later as President of our 48 year old club. I’m young and have much to learn but with experienced club members that are willing to help me and our new VP Nate Merle things are going smoothly.

Trail Coordinator Steve reported that our BR180 has it’s brakes fixed and thanks to the guys that spent time doing this. They also got in some days of grooming last month about 60 hours worth.
The late nights and hard work at the groomer barn make it fun when the first snow comes.

Our annual NYSSA Conference is this April 24-26 at the On Center in Syracuse. If you are planning to go please contact Treasurer Gail so you can be registered. Multiple seminars will be held on Friday and Saturday regarding snowmobiling and club duties.

We are already underway with our annual February Daily Drawing raffle. Thanks to all that have sold and purchased tickets and good luck to everyone. Thanks to Brian Bartron for once again doing a super organizational job on this important fundraiser for us.

We have a strong group of members that are always helping do things that will improve our club from trails to maintenance and the all important behind the scenes paperwork required to make our club one of the best in NYS. Wouldn’t it be cool to be part of a tradition like this so close to home? Come and find out more at our monthly meetings 1st Sunday of the month 11am Silver Lake Sportsmens Club. I want to thank everyone for reading our newsletter and I hope we can strike an interest in your wanting to be a bigger part of our club family. Keep praying for snow and remember to join where you ride. Why not join us?

Chance Vogt

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