January 2014 Newsletter

Meeting started at 11:13am and Secretary Hillary read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved. Make sure to get Hillary your work and groomer logs so she can file them with the State.
Treasurer Gail also reviewed our budget and emphasized the need for our February Daily Drawing to be successful to help us with our funding. We are very thankful to Brian Bartron who has done a great job heading up this campaign. If you would like a ticket give Brian a call at 716-491-1847 or myself at 716-474-2278 and thank you to the many who have purchased/sold them.

Trail Coordinator Steve went over any trail issues we have had and updated us on all our groomers having been run during the times we’ve had snow. Ron Kaz wanted to mention a big thank you to all the guys that have worked so hard in making the Attica trail a much better one this year. That project has been a lot of work. Our groomers always require something here and there to keep them running. Sometimes major repairs like an axle and some more annoying smaller items. Many thanks to the guys who spend a lot of hours getting groomers ready for the season and then keeping them running during the season. So far we’ve had a rather odd winter with plenty of snow coming at several times only to be followed with a brief warm spell and rain. Our groundwater tables should surely be filling up. As soon as we’ve had good snow the groomers have been out and most notably over towards the Bliss area where the snow has been the deepest this year. I have 170 miles on my sled so far this year and I’m looking for many more.

Sgt. at Arms Jack Rase conducted our annual elections and are as follows
President Jeff f.
Vice President Jim Day
Secretary Hillary Murray
Treasurer Gail Lawson
Sgt. of Arms Jack Rase
Club Admin Nancy f.
The board consists of the same members as from last year.
Jim Day is our new VP replacing Tracy Lawson who is back on the board. Thanks to Tracy for his dedicated support and for Jim stepping in to the VP position. Jim shows up at every event to help and even loves to pound in posts for trail marking. We are thankful to all who are willing to help out in the many capacities needed for a club as large as OVSA to function.

Jay and Tim are organizing to promote our annual Antique Sled Show this May 17th at the Charcoal Corral in Perry. Last year we filled the entire property with sleds and we are really looking for our members to attend/help at this event. If we can’t get enough support from our members we will determine if we will hold this event in future years. Why do I mention this? Because last year we only had about 20 members attend with about 10-12 helping out. Not nearly enough to continue this show so this year’s participation will be our barometer for the future. I can’t say enough for the time and effort Jay and Tim spend in putting this show together so plan on a fun day with us.

To date we have 514 members and it was great to be able to ride to our meeting this past Sunday. Here’s to hoping for much more snow coming our way for the rest of the season. Thanks for your support of OVSA…President Jeff f.

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