February 2014 Newsletter

VP Jim read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved.

Treasurer Gail mentioned that we will have over 800 tickets sold for our Daily Drawing fundraiser that is being held this month. Thanks to Brian Bartron heading this up and Gail working together to make this a success for us. And a big thank you to all members who bought and sold these tickets.

Trail Coordinator Steve Cox spoke of a fatality in the Town of Sheldon where a sledder got off the trail to take a shortcut and hit a culvert and died. This emphasizes to everyone the need to stay on the trails and stay safe. Steve is also collecting information on drop off points within our system to post on our website after President Jeff received an email requesting that it be would be handy to know for sledders outside of our system. Thanks for the suggestion as I have received these calls every year.

Membership as of today is 536 and we are certainly hoping for some snow out of this storm predicted for the middle of this coming week. Jack Rase had to mention to a pack of sledders at a gas station this past week that our trails were closed and it would be best if they high tailed it back home. When the trails are closed it is trespassing to be on them with a snowmobile.

Tim and Dale are heading to the annual Whiteout Snowmobile event to promote our Antique Sled Show coming up this May at the Charcoal Corral.

Dennis Murphy will be riding in the upcoming Pink Ribbon ride so we decided to donate a $100 towards the fundraising of this very worthwhile event.

The Wyoming County Snowmobile Federation will be GPS’ing trails within the county as NYS seeks to have this done for all the trails within the state. Mike Carlson has been doing this for OVSA so the impact on us will be minimal.

Motion to end the meeting was made at 11:46…Meetings are friendly and never very long so we encourage any and all to come to them. Thank you for your continued support of OVSA…President Jeff f.

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