January 2016 Newsletter

President Jeff called the meeting to order at 11:05 and Secretary Sheila read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved. Jeff handed out a bank statement from December 31st showing our current balance and answered any questions in regard to the Treasurer’s Report. Even though we haven’t had snow yet to ride on we still have expenses with insurance policies and repairs for our groomers which are being readied for use.

We currently have a little over 300 members which is half way towards our usual number. We encourage our members to get their memberships in and sleds registered as the system only works when we all participate. Club reimbursements from NYS Parks work solely on the number of sleds registered in NYS each year. It’s also important to submit your work logs from trails and bridges so we can enter those in the NYS Parks database for proof of work done and receiving funds for these projects.

Brian Bartron said we are on track for our February Daily Drawing with many tickets returned and a few still available. Let us know if you would like some.

Trail Coordinator Steve reported the trail marking is in good shape with just a couple small stretches left to do. The ArrowMart bridge was worked on and completed this past Saturday Jan. 9th with an all day effort. Thanks to all our guys who get our bridges and trails ready each year. It’s a lot of work and occasionally they even let me help a little. I do have to admit that it’s good fun hanging out with guys all day in the mud and playing with tools and tractors. Steve also brought the new maps to the meeting and they will be distributed to local outlets for riders to purchase. Our new website is up so you can check it out at www.oatkavalley.org and see what you think of it.

Mike Black due to health issues won’t be grooming in the Bliss/Hermitage area this winter so we will need some volunteers for that section. Mike spent a lot of hours grooming so he will certainly be missed and we wish him well on his recovery this winter.

Tim reported that our date for our Antique Show will be Saturday May 14th. If you would like to help in any way please let us know. This is a large event filling up a lot of space at the Silver Lake Charcoal Corral. We always appreciate owner Rick Stefanon working closely with the club to make this annual event a big success.

Jack Rase also has our annual NYSSA Raffle tickets which are $5 each and the club gets to keep half of the funds raised. This is a fun event with a lot of prizes to be won.

According to the weather people this week is supposed to be a snowy one so let’s hope it’s true and we can get out on our trails for some winter fun. Our next meeting will be Sunday January 31st 11am. It’s a little early but that way we won’t interfere with our Super Bowl National Holiday on February 7th.

Hope to see you soon on the trails. Pres. Jeff f.

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