March 2014 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order and Secretary Hillary read the minutes from last month’s meeting and they were approved.
Treasurer Gail reported that our 70% trail fund money has arrived which sure helps. Also proceeds from our February Daily Drawing were noted and a big thank you goes out to Brian Bartron who headed up this very successful fundraiser for us this year. Thanks to all members who bought/sold these tickets and Treasurer Gail for keeping track of the financials. Our two yearly fundraisers are vitally important to keep us in the black.
Our annual landowner appreciation picnic will take place Sunday April 13th at the Warsaw Legion Hall in the Village Park from 12:30-3pm. Club help is always appreciated to serve our landowners and Mel’s Barbeque will be providing some of the first chicken of our WNY barbeque season. We also ask members to bring some door prizes from our Club vendor/suppliers so that each family can pick up a gift. We enjoy putting on this event each year to say thank you to our local landowners to make our trail system possible. We have some great trails to ride on.
Trail Coordinator Steve reported on some good weeks of sledding during February which I certainly enjoyed. Thanks to Steve and all the guys who repair and run the groomers. Our trails are noted for being well taken care of by many riders from outside our system. The County Federation is GPSing the trails and sometime in the near future our groomers will be equipped with them as well.
Our annual NYSSA Forum to be held this year in Rochester April 25-27 is very handy for us. We can have up to 18 members from our Club attend and vote at the annual meeting on Sunday. A number of members filled out paperwork to go yesterday and if anyone else would like to attend please contact me. It is very low cost this year as we can drive up and back for our seminars on Saturday and then to vote on Sunday saving the Club money. There will also be a different method of online registration for members starting April 1st. I will be attending that seminar to learn more of this new system which promises to be easier for members to enroll and get their vouchers.
Thanks to everyone who supports OVSA all year long and here’s to hoping we get some sledding in March. I’ve had a great time myself this winter. See you soon
President Jeff f.

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