March 2022 Newsletter

VP Nate Merle called the meeting to order at 11:12am and read the minutes from the last meeting. They were approved by the members present.

Currently we have 428 members and trails were open for 29 days this year.

Treasurer Gail answered questions on her report.

Brian Bartron gave a report on our very successful February Daily Drawing Raffle. Thanks to all who sold and purchased the tickets and a big Thank You to Brian for organizing and keeping track of these for the club.

Jane and Tom Gebel will once again be chairing our September Daily Drawing. This will be our 3rd year in a row for that fundraiser which is vitally important to our club. Diesel fuel was quite expensive this past winter and could be even more this coming year. We burn a lot of it keeping our trails in shape.

The BR 160 groomer is currently residing at Broughton’s Farm and will be reassembled this week and then stored in our groomer barn.
Our groomer operators deserve a big thank you for their excellent work this past season. A big thank you also goes out to Broughton Farms for their assistance with our groomer.

Our annual chicken barbeque landowner dinner will be held this May 1st at the Warsaw Legion Building in the Warsaw Park. Please come out and help assemble dinners which will be handed out takeout style to our landowners as they drive thru the Park.
This method worked very well last year and we appreciate the help from our members in making this run as smoothly as it did.

Thank you to trail coordinator Steve Cox and all the members who made riding our trails a first class experience this season. We receive many compliments on our trails and that wouldn’t be possible without a lot of help.

Our next meeting will be Sunday April 3rd 11am Silverlake Sportsmens Club. See you soon.

Chance Vogt – President, OVSA

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