November 2020 Newsletter

Hello to all OVSA members. Today we had a great meeting beginning at 11:03 at the Bliss Hotel. We started discussing rotating meeting locations last year to make it easier for people from other areas to attend. The Bliss Hotel is a favorite spot of sledders for years and they are always very welcoming. The owner discussed with us the problems of dealing with our COVID environment and how it affects restaurants. They have reduced seating capacity and spoke about what their plans are for this winter based on available health department guidelines. Please cooperate be respectful when dealing with our trail side establishments as they are doing their best to serve the public as responsibly as possible. This is a tough situation for all of us and we’re all in it together. Whatever they might state as a rule today will probably change by the time our season starts. The hotel has expanded sled parking in a piece of land they’ve purchased next to the parking lot.

The minutes from last month’s meeting we read and approved and Treasurer Gail explained some items in her report.

For a number of years OVSA has held an 8 hour snowmobile safety course but due to current distancing and vague guidelines we will not be holding a course this year but plan to for 2021.

According to information we have at this time Letchworth State Park will be holding one. We don’t know the details of date or place yet.

Tom and Jane Gebel gave us a final report of 773 tickets having been sold for this fall’s fundraiser, the October daily drawing. Thanks to all who sold/bought tickets and to Tom and Jane for organizing this successful event for OVSA.

Tracy Lawson discussed trimming along the RR bed and also some repair parts that have been ordered to fix the bush hog to finish up a little more that needs to be done.

Trail Coordinator Steve spoke about bridge repairs off of Wilder Rd and looking at some other areas that could use new bridges and repairs to existing ones. After the meeting members met at our groomer barn to put reflective stickers on 500 new plastic orange trail marking posts. Thank you to those who helped. A new culvert has been put in on our trail just east of Suckerbrook Rd. This has been a very wet and tough crossing for years and we want to thank landowner Paula Knitter for taking this upon herself and having it done.

Brian Bartron plans to have tickets at our December meeting for our annual February daily drawing. He is having a tougher time this year as our print shop has been closed due to COVID for the past 2 weeks.

Next month’s meeting will be our Christmas Dinner at the Silverlake Sportsmens Club December 6th 11am. Members pay $5 towards the meal. Once again we hope to have officers from Letchworth State Park to hand out night riding stickers. Remember to bring your sled registration and insurance card.

We will also be holding our election of officers at this time so if anyone would like to run for an office please attend.

Our local establishments want to do the best they can for us this winter so let’s stop, support them and be courteous as we all navigate these confusing times.

Think snow and let’s look forward to a great sledding season.

Trails open December 23rd and join where you ride.

Once again thank you to everyone who works hard to make OVSA a great club and our trails the best.

Chance Vogt – President OVSA

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