October 2020 Newsletter

What a beautiful fall we’ve been enjoying. The leaf colors are very striking and the temperatures are heading down so we know our fun season is approaching. Good things come to those who are patient and we’re ready to go sledding. As it’s been said “there’s no better way to social distance than go snowmobiling”

Our meeting was called to order at 11am and the minutes were read and approved from last month. We covered a number of subjects which I’ll highlight and strive not to bore you.

Without our steak/shrimp raffle party we were looking for a fundraiser which we could hold this fall. Tom and Jane Gebel volunteered to head up ticket sales for a daily cash raffle for the month of October. Winners will be notified and a check sent to them. We collectively sold over 770 tickets out of the possible 1000 which is excellent considering the limitations we’ve been operating under. Thank you to everyone who has supported this and to Tom and Jane for organizing this and keeping track of the details.
This year funds will be crucial as NYS might possibly take 20% of our trail fund as they look for monies. We certainly appreciate you registering your sled with OVSA and encourage you to support the clubs in the other areas you ride. We’re all in this together.

Funding will be crucial for this year as it costs to put in culverts and fix/replace bridges. Some clubs do not have funding for this. Fortunately we still do thanks to your continued support.

Glenn and Dennis are working to figure out how many students we can have at a safety course and exact details from NYS. More about this next month and whether we can hold our annual one.

Some bridges were discussed at various locations on our trails as needing repairs as well as general trail work. If you would like to help please give trail coordinator Steve Cox a call.

We discussed rotating locations for our monthly meetings last year and next month we will start by holding our meeting at the Bliss Hotel 11am Sunday November 1st. We hope to draw in more members who may live closer to some of these new places we’ll meet. It’s good to move meetings around to some of the places that we socialize at during the season.

Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase will present the same slate of officers for our annual voting next month. President Chance mentioned that we would like to find a person to work with Gail Lawson on the treasurer position in the club. Gail has held this position for many years and done a superb job for us. Now that she and Tracy are retired and traveling more she could use the help.

Thanks for your support of OVSA and remember our November meeting will be at the Bliss Hotel.

President OVSA Chance Vogt

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