October 2018 Newsletter

Thank you to our members who were at the meeting this past Sunday as we get into the full swing of our season.

Pres. Jeff f. read the minutes from our last meeting in August and they were approved.

Treasurer Gail handed out the treasurer’s report and answered any questions.

VP Jim Day gave a summary of our steak/shrimp raffle fundraiser that we held this past September 8th and said it was our most successful one in the past 4 years. Thank you Jim and all our members who worked to make this happen. It’s our biggest event of the year and takes a number of members to pull off. Next year’s event will be held on Saturday September 7th.

Our annual safety course will be held Saturday November 3rd 8-4pm at RNE Precision on Standpipe Rd. in Perry. Please call Dennis Murphy to register for the class. 585 329 9923. You must be 10 years old by class time to participate.

Trail Coordinator Steve recommends when using any of our gas powered equipment to put in 90-91 octane ethanol free gas to make them run better.

When repairing or building bridges this year please use the boards from the older pile towards the back of the groomer barn.

Mike Carlson suggested using the shorter painted stakes for the lower snow areas for marking trails and saving the taller stakes for the high snow places.

Our newest NH groomer is back at the groomer barn with it’s brush guard installed. Looks very sharp and we can’t wait to use it.

Remember to log your hours and material when working this fall and to get them to Gail as we only have 60 days to file them for our trail grants.

We are working on a way to Arrow Mart gas in Warsaw after a recent landowner closure so that is an ongoing situation at the moment. When sleds stray off the trail and run over trees it can make a real issue for us and it has in this case. One or two landowner closures has a big effect on our trail system.

As the fields get cleared it’s getting time for bridge assessment and which ones need work for this year.

We will also NOT be grooming Letchworth Park this year as they have a trail device that they are going to pull. Trails sure were nice last year through the Park.

Thanks for your help and let’s get ready for another great season of fun.

Next month’s meeting will be Sunday November 4th 11am.

See you soon,
Pres. Jeff f.

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