August 2020 Newsletter

Hello to all OVSA members and I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful WNY summer. Of course we’re always planning ahead for our fun winter season and here’s a recap of our meeting last Sunday. For safe gathering reasons and distancing we held our meeting outdoors.

Our minutes were read from last month and Gail’s treasurer’s report was handed out too.

Trail Coordinator Steve Cox spoke of Craig Carlson’s recent passing. Craig was a staunch supporter of snowmobiling and former President of the Wyoming County Snowmobile Federation. He will be missed and we decided as a club to make a donation to the Roswell Cancer Center in his memory. Our sympathies go out to his family.

Steve spoke about the number of culverts that have been put in this summer and he thanked those individuals that have helped to do this. Anyone who has ever ridden a sled sure appreciates a good crossing.

Our BR160 has been pulled apart for frame repairs and upgrades to materials will be made. Thank you Denny Murphy for your machine shop excellence.

Our trail system has been completely GPS’d which is required by NYS Parks and Rec. every few years.

Shut of valves on the RR bed trail by Silver Springs have been staked out so remember to be careful around them this season.

Jack Rase will also be looking into putting a new engine on our trail bush hog.

There is no NYSSA Forum this year which was always a great place to get the latest news for the coming year. We look forward to one being held in 2021.

This year we couldn’t have our annual steak-shrimp raffle due to the Covid restrictions but we have come up with a fundraiser we hope everyone will support as a substitute. It will be an October daily cash ticket. If anyone would like some tickets please contact Tom and Jane Gebel at 585 786 2332 or Chance Vogt 716 517 5849. Several members spoke about dropping off tickets to our local businesses, restaurants and convenience marts. This is a great idea if you would like to help out. The deadline for turning in tickets will be September 27th from 10-12noon at the Silverlake Sportsmen’s Club.

Well that’s all I have for now and our next outdoors meeting will be Sunday August 30th 11am at the Silverlake Sportsmen’s Club. It’s a week early because of the Labor Day weekend in September.

Thanks for your continued support. Chance Vogt President OVSA

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