June 2020 Newsletter

A summertime hello to our OVSA members and families.

It’s been a crazy few months to say the least and I think it’s tested everyone’s patience being cooped up. As Americans we continue to do our best during challenging times and continually move forward one step at a time.

This past Sunday we had an outdoor meeting and I appreciate everyone that showed. It was very cool to see people show up with their summer rides. We talked about a lot of stuff and I am going to sum it up in this letter.

With the Covid -19 outbreak and the rules that have been in effect for the past months we’ve had to adapt to them in our personal lives and as a club. Our landowner dinner had to be cancelled and we have decided to change up our steak shrimp raffle for September. We will instead be doing a daily cash raffle for the month of October. This will be a $20 ticket with the winning numbers being the NYS daily drawing.

I want to thank Jane and Tom Gebel for heading up this fundraiser and as we know from our NYSSA emails the state is in a very uncertain time as to the future distribution of trail funds. This is why it’s so important to work hard to make our own monies. We must not be totally reliant on NYS funds. As soon as we have the tickets printed I will alert you and the contact information for Tom and Jane. Thank you for working and supporting us through this time.

There was indeed much discussion on the matter of not having our annual steak shrimp raffle in September as we’ve done for the past 20 years. We really look forward to having a great time with members and our supporting public. But don’t worry we’ll be back next year bigger than ever. This is just a temporary delay.

Our next topic was groomer work and some trail work we would like to start soon and get finished up prior to deer season and bad fall weather. The BR160 needs some frame repair and I would like to get a group of people to help team up on this project. We have a lot of talent in this club and we’re certainly thankful for their participation in our big mechanical projects. Anyone willing to work on these projects please contact myself or Trail Coordinator Steve Cox. Our club wouldn’t be what it is without all our volunteers doing the many tasks that need to be done.

Look forward to more information coming your way. It’s true we’re a snow oriented club but we enjoy nice weather too. I think we just like being outdoors. Have a great summer with your families.

Chance Vogt, President OVSA

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