December 2022 Newsletter

Hello and Merry Christmas to all our members. Our December meeting was called to order at 11:05am.

November’s minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer Gail handed out her report and answered any questions.

We next discussed our February Daily Raffle hosted each year by Brian Bartron. Thanks to Brian for doing this for the club as our fundraisers are vital for us being able to own top notch machinery and mark our trails exceptionally well.

If you need any tickets please call Brian 716-491-1847.

Our Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase also has some NYSSA raffle tickets and they’re only $5 each, half of which comes directly back to the club. Give Jack a call 585-786-5051. And speaking of Jack he presented the club with the annual slate of officers which were voted on and approved.

President Chance Vogt
Vice President Nate Merle
Secretary Jane Gebel
Treasurer Gail Lawson
Sergeant of Arms Jack Rase

Trail Coordinator Steve spoke about encouraging more members to come out and help and it was great to see some new faces at our meeting. This year’s new project is a reroute of the Cotton Road trail. This will cut about 2 miles off the old trail and be much safer. We have new landowners involved so a thank you to those securing permissions to use the properties.

President Chance reported that our NH groomer is back together as well as our BR 160 that had taken up residence at Pete Broughton’s barn. Thanks to all the guys who spend nights and weekends working on our gear. It all has to work for our system to continually have the best trails to ride on. A lot of background work takes place before we can ride on a smooth trail. And speaking of smooth trails we’ve ordered a new Trail Paver drag made right here in WNY. This will be our 3rd one because this is the best unit for producing a flat hard trail.

Each December we have a fun meeting with an officer from LSP handing out night riding stickers and updating us on riding protocols for the upcoming season. Thank you to Officer Marzec for stopping by and doing this for us. Remember speed limits are the same for cars as well as sleds.

Another fun part of our December meeting is the buffet that the Silver Lake Sportman’s Club provides for us. Excellent food and a great place to meet and talk around a warm wood stove. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Trail work will be getting wrapped up this month and our trails officially open January 2nd.

Our next meeting will be Sunday January 8th.

Merry Christmas and we appreciate all your support of OVSA.

See you on the trails.

President: Chance Vogt, OVSA

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