January 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to this New Year and let’s all hope for snow soon.

VP Nate Merle called the meeting to order at 11:05 and the December minutes were read. An amendment was made to those minutes as club member Michelle Hess is taking over for Gail at the Treasurer’s position in January. Thank you Michelle for stepping up and thank you to Gail for her many years of fiscally guiding our club.

Currently we have 270 members and we know the rest will come pouring in once the snows arrive and trails are open for riding. Every year we encourage all our members to join before the new year to bolster the total number of sleds registered in NYS. This helps determine the amount of funding that can be split amongst all our clubs. Fewer registrations equals less monies for all of us.

The funds we receive through Parks and Rec help us to repair our groomers, mark trails excellently, purchase new Trail Pavers, buy diesel fuel etc. Our fundraisers plus these state monies are what allow us to continue to host the premier trail system in WNY.

Speaking of fundraisers Brian Bartron said we have sold nearly 800 of our daily drawing tickets for our February Raffle. If you would like a ticket(s) please contact Brian at 716-491-1847.

Jack Rase also has NYSSA raffle tickets which are only $5 each and you can contact Jack at 585-786-5051.

After a lot of work the new Cotton Rd trail has been completed. Lynn Miller went and spoke to the landowners and received the necessary permissions and then Steve Cox and a number of our guys spent a lot of hours clearing and then marking the new trail.

Steve would also like to acquire another trailer frame to use for a bridge. We currently have 1 frame but Steve has 2 locations in mind to utilize these. Tracy Lawson mentioned that he had completed brush hogging the RR bed.

Our new Trail Paver we ordered will be ready in a few weeks, probably just in time for when our snow arrives. These units are expensive but they are the best for making a solid smooth trail and the easiest to pull. Our member support of our fundraisers and registering their sleds with the state are what allow us to purchase a piece of equipment like this and pay for it immediately.

Tracy Lawson reported that there was some discussion at the last Forum for raising sled registration fee as this would help with raising funding for the clubs. The rise couldn’t be too great so owners wouldn’t be discouraged from registering.

Bruce Blankenship asks members to look at our trail signs after our recent high wind storm, especially the stop ahead and stop signs at the roadsides. These 2 are especially vital.

Michelle would like any donated time and materials, trail work logs and tools used for work be emailed to her. These are vitally important filings that go back to the state. Please email them to Michelle at mhess5@rochester.rr.com

Mention to anyone donating to OVSA that we are a non profit 501 C3 so they can use their donation as a tax deductible item.

Sometimes snowmobiling seems to be a trying sport. We all wish we could be sledding as early as possible and go as long as we can.

We certainly can’t change the weather but we can be optimistic and work hard to be prepared. Thanks to all our members who share in our goal of a safe, fun, family friendly sport.

President: Chance Vogt, OVSA Go Bills!!!

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