November 2022 Newsletter

Hello to all OVSA members and what a beautiful fall we’ve been enjoying.

President Chance called the meeting to order at 11:02 at the Silver Lake Sportsman’s Club. They are very gracious to allow us to meet monthly and we sure appreciate it.

This time of year is busier for us so there were a number of topics to discuss. It was encouraging to see new faces in attendance as nearly 30 of us were there. Our meetings are very open to discussion and we welcome even more to come and join in.

The minutes from the October meeting were read and approved as well as the treasurer’s report being given. There was some discussion around utilizing a QuickBooks program to assist in keeping track of all things financial.

Our safety class held this past October 29th at the Warsaw Fire Department was a big success with over 20 young people in attendance. They paid attention and all scored very high on the final test at the end of a full day. Gus from CSX railroad was there to instruct the class on safety concerning riding around railroads and their crossing points. A big thank you to our club members who helped organize this day and file the results with NYS to make sure these young riders receive their certificates.

Groomer repairs and trail work items were discussed, specifically work on a section of Cotton Road has been undertaken to eliminate riding along the side of the road. These efforts are certainly appreciated as we always seek to make the OVSA riding experience safer and more enjoyable.

After discussion about ordering a new Trail Paver a motion was made to approve the order of this unit. They are made locally and we will receive it in January. The plan is for our New Holland groomer to put it to good use.

This will be our 3rd Trail Paver and they are simply the best for creating a smooth and enjoyable trail surface. They are easier to pull which is a benefit for our groomers and their fuel usage.

We also batted around some ideas on signage and how to promote more of our sled friendly businesses on our trail system. We appreciate their winter cooperation with our sport and the benefits we each derive.

Brian Bartron has once again organized our February Daily Drawing which is a major fundraiser for OVSA. For tickets please give him a call or text 716-491-1847.

Thanks for your help and support. OVSA succeeds because of the involvement of our members at all levels.

We are also looking forward to our Christmas Buffet provided by the Sportsman’s Club at our next meeting December 5th. In addition we are planning to have an Officer from Letchworth Park in attendance for night riding stickers and general updates.

Thank you and see you soon.
OVSA President: Chance Vogt

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