March 2023 Newsletter

President Chance called the meeting to order at 11:10am and there was sure a lot to discuss for what is normally a simple end of the year meeting. Especially when there wasn’t any sledding or grooming of trails to discuss. Not a great year is an understatement.

The minutes from last month’s meeting were read and approved along with any questions answered by treasurer Michelle. The annual NYSSA Forum will be held April 21-23 and anyone who wishes to attend can sign up on the NYSSA website. This is a very informative event with lots of seminars. Chance and Steve are planning on going.

Thank you to Brian Bartron who organized our February Daily Drawing Raffle. This was very successful again and thank you to everyone that distributed and purchased tickets. Jack Rase has been handling our NYSSA Raffle tickets which need to be turned in by the April meeting. This is a fun low cost raffle supported by our NYS snowmobile dealers with some great prizes. We also discussed and decided to hold our September Raffle. Tom and Jane Gebel will be organizing this once again. Thank you to all that make our events successful and allow us to do the many things we do as a club for the sport.

Our landowner appreciation drive thru chicken barbeque will be held at the Warsaw Legion Building in the Warsaw Village Park on Sunday May 7th. We will be serving from noon-1pm
Any club members are welcome to help put together these dinners and hand them to our landowners. We will start at the Legion Building at 10am getting set up. We will also hold our May meeting there as well.

Even with a lack of snow we are constantly working to upgrade our groomers. We recently purchased a new trail paver to match our New Holland groomer. We are also looking at purchasing a Pisten Bully 100 to replace our BR160. The PB 100 only has 500 hours on it and will be a welcome addition to our fleet.

We thank all our members for their loyal support even in the worst of winters. OVSA has the best trails and membership.

Chance Vogt President

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